Our PBW department works from a project design phase until its completion:

  • Engineering,
  • Purchasing,
  • Project Management,
  • Works.

job description

You will be working as a consultant with our customers on execution problems relating to building and infrastructures construction operations.

You will:

  • Organise the work site startup (accesses, fencing, storage zone, connections, living base).
  • Coordinate specialist engineers for the approval of technical execution drawings (HVAC, plumbing, high current, low current, fire safety equipement and roads and networks).
  • Plan the actions of the various workers involved and regularly update the schedule to manage unforeseen factors and ensure proper project progress (schedule check) in terms of delivery date.
  • Guarantee the technical and architectural compliance of the operation.
  • Attend / lead work site meetings (prime contracting & scheduling, control and coordination), draft and distribute the minutes.
  • Help the site owner during the pre-acceptance operations (OPR) and list the reservations.
  • Recall contracting companies to complete the works and finally clear the reservations.
  • Check the fina final breakdown / general settlement of accounts (DGD)


Educated to Master’s level in building, you are an engineer (graduate of the ESTP, ESITC, INSA, POLYTECH, CENTRALE schools), ideally, you have proven experience in execution prime contracting.

For agap2, every talent counts. If you are disabled, please don’t hesitate to ask any questions and to apply.