• Type of mission: Permanent contract
  • Start date: as early as possible
  • Place: Boulogne-Billancourt (92)

Analyse the professions needed for our in-house public building, formally define, assign priority and conduct the acceptance of upgrades, in coordination with the development team, which is in Portugal.
Define, implement and lead agap2 IS projects, to achieve an optimum result, in accordance with professional requirements formulated and validated by the site owner.


  • Define professions needed, draft general functional specifications and draft precise specifications,
  • Contribute to the selection of a solution (software package, development, etc.), jointly with the prime contractor,
  • Plan the resources needed (human, technical, financial, etc.),
  • Define and supervise the creation of prototypes and functional tests,
  • Supervise the project and coordinate validations,
  • Define target users and training resources,
  • Distribute information among the trades involved,
  • Coordinate user support action,
  • Create all the indicators necessary to supervise and manage the project, in particular the assessment of performance, costs and delivery dates.


With an Engineering or Business school diploma, you:

  • Understand the various professions in an engineering company,
  • Have sufficient knowledge of the Information Systems of a medium-size company,
  • Know how to anticipate changes in the environment,
  • Are able to completely manage functional projects.

The functional project manager’s job requires various abilities, such as:

  • An overview attitude,
  • Organisational capabilities,
  • Adapts easily,
  • Charisma and negotiating abilities,
  • Personal contact qualities and writing ability.

The public building prime contractor group is in Portugal, excellent English is essential. Portuguese would be a definite advantage.

For agap2, every talent counts. If you are disabled, please don’t hesitate to ask any questions and to apply.