15 February 2017

agap2 on the starting line for the 4L Trophy

For the 1st time, agap2 takes part in the 4L Trophy by supporting a crew.


It all began 21 years ago with a crazy dream. That of Jean-Jacques Rey who, during a bivouac with his friends, had the idea to organize a car race with 4L to enable every one to join in.

« During the winter of 1996, I was with some friends of the Paris-Dakar race in Mali to create new tracks to the Senegalese capital. It was during a night in the Sahel desert with my crew, during the famous ‘evening by the campfire’ that I launched the idea. ‘I wish I had the opportunity to do this when I was 20: to discover the desert, and live this exceptional adventure.’ But none of us had the money to buy a proper vehicle at the time. Hence the idea of 4L cars! »

A few months later, a dozen of students met on the starting line. Rapidly, it was a success: students joined this event that mixed adventure, personal challenge and solidarity.

In 20 years, the 4L Trophy has become the biggest european student sports event and brings together nearly 3,000 competitors.


The 4L Trophy is a wonderful human and sports adventure for students from 18 to 28 years old. It is not about speed but sense of direction to win. To meet the challenge, you have to cross the finish line. And to do so, competitors will discover the full meaning of ‘solidarity’: when escaping the sand traps, when helping another team stuck with a mechanical problem…
Thanks to solidarity, every competitor will feel the satisfaction of a fulfilled duty, the pride to have given everything for the team and the others.

Besides their thirst for wild spaces, the crews take some equipment and school supplies on board for the disadvantaged Moroccan children. Solidarity with local populations is also a great part of the Trophy DNA. Proof of this is the emotion that overwhelmes the competitors every year during the donation ceremony organized by the association ‘Children of the desert’, one of the highlights of the adventure.


During the 2016 edition, the 19th, 1,132 crews – that is to say 2,264 competitors – from more than 1,460 schools joined the race, starting from the departure point in Biarritz, France. Their goal? Marrakech, the finish line of a ten-day and 6,000-km roadtrip through France, Spain and Morocco. All these elements that make the 4L Trophy the biggest student car race in Europe.

The association mirage 4L


The association ‘Mirage 4L’ was founded in May of 2011 by Bastien Fechner (Treasurer) and Jonathan Roux (President), both of them adventurers, discoverers and mechanics lovers who take part in the 2012 edition for their first time.

The two friends joined their passions and values in order to help the childen in South Morocco twice and a third time in 2017!

The 2017 crew


Sophie TRINQUESSE, a new-comer in the association is a sportswoman and a real adventurer! In charge of Health, Safety and Environment for 5 years in the aeronautics industry, this former judoka is also ana ccomplished skydiver and is learning Freefly. Great lover of the sky universe, she is very fond of moto races, rallyes or wintersports too.

Jonathan ROUX, President of the association ‘Mirage 4L’ since its creation is a lover of two-wheeled vehicles, bikes and motorcycles. agap2 consultant, he spends his free-time doing various manual activities. Adventure, meeting new people, challenges and travels are what makes him grow up every day.

The 2017 crew is promised to a bright future!

agap2 supports the mirage 4l crew

For the first time, agap2 takes part in the 4L Trophy by supporting the Mirage 4L crew.

The reasons of this partnership? First, because more than a car race, the 4L Trophy is a charity project in which a agap2 team is involved. But also because agap2 shares the values at the heart of the project: personal challenge, solidarity and a taste for human adventures!