27 July 2017

Horse riding, cycling, running and soon triathlon – zoom on our consultant Pauline and her multiple passions

At agap2 we are proud of our team and we like to highlight the talent of our collaborators.

Today, we talk with Pauline, consultant for agap2ferro since April 2016. She currently intervenes at the Regional Engineering Department of Tours which is part of the SNCF Réseau where she manages third-party business. Concretely? This includes “organization, safety and the establishment of recommendations to respect for all types of work of public or private companies located near the railway installations. These works can be, for instance, tracks crossings, aerial crossings, for which I manage the business between the various stakeholders, or even construction work“. Pauline also deals with the dilapidated railway stock that needs to be sold, “in the context of these real estate sales, I am responsible for estimating the costs of release and making recommendations works”.

A consuming passion since her childhood

Sport has been a passion since its earliest years. As a child, she started horse riding which led her to participate in many competitions. As a passionate woman, she has practiced this discipline as a leisure activity because it is very difficult to make it her profession and to live well of it. “Horse riding teaches us a lot about us; It teaches us to constantly question ourselves, to confront ourselves with our errors, our difficulties“. In addition to learning discipline and respect it is also “a great way to escape, to think of something else. It is a real complicity that can be established with your horse“.

Since studies took a long time, Pauline turned to sports that fit more with her schedule. Thus, she went into racing and cycling (mountain bike or road bike). When she arrived in Tours she began practicing these two sports more intensively by adding to that swimming with the objective of doing triathlon.

Through biking, I find, in some ways, the same things as in riding in the sense that we enjoy the nature, it allows to escape, to think of something else“. Cycling quickly became a drug for our sport addict: “The practice of mountain biking and road biking are two different things but both are really appreciated by the sensations that it provides. Like running, it involves going beyond oneself. It’s nice to see that we progress quickly when we give ourselves the means. I started with short distances by bike: 25km, 40km, 70km, 80km, and to finally challenge myself to go to Nantes by mountain bike. That represented 250km. Over three days. 80km on the first day, 100km on the second and 70km to finish “. Same approach for running: “I started with 5km, then 10km, then 20km looking to gain endurance and speed“.


Activities that take time: “Depending on the weeks, I do between 5 and 10 hours of sport, alternating between cycling, running, fitness. This can go up to 15 hours sometimes when I make big bike trips on weekends”. Pauline has a special sensitivity for cycling which is less traumatic for the body and allows to enjoy the landscape, to meet people on the roads.

Already a half marathon and personal challenges ahead!

Pauline is above all seeking the pleasure of sport. But why not participating to some events? “It is true that the sporting events are becoming popularized and the atmosphere is really nice“. In March 2017 she participated in the half marathon in Paris, of which she keeps a very good memory because of the atmosphere at the event.

Triathlon is her next challenge! An intense discipline that attracts her especially because it allows “to truly draw on the resources of the body“.

In the meantime, she will participate in the 20km of Tours in September. “It’s not an official distance because it’s less than the half-marathon which is 21,100km but I want to finish it all in less than two hours“.

The final word ?

In my opinion, the founding principle of sport is sharing. I do not think I could do it without my spouse who works on a daily basis with high-level athletes, who is himself a triathlete and who makes me want to go a little further every day“.





Hats off to her and we wish her good luck for all these challenges ahead!