15 December 2016

Innovation and skills forum of the E.N.I.S.E, we were there.

A dedicated afternoon to meet the future graduates of the ENISE school (National Engineering School of Saint-Etienne ) in St Etienne during the Innovation & Skills forum organized in partnership with Telecom St Etienne and the UIMM Loire school.

Innovation and skills forum

The ENISE school, Telecom St Etienne and the UIMM Loire school joined forces for the 3rd time in order to enable companies to meet the students in a convivial atmosphere. On this occasion, companies offered internships or final projects to the future graduates in a context where innovation is a key point for the development of companies.

Discovery of career opportunities, submission of CV and interview settings set the rhythm of this rich day for both stakeholders.

It was more than 150 students from the 3 schools who came to meet the companies, from various activity fields.

The enise school

By placing the Man at the center of its concerns, the ENISE school answers the challenge of human development by concretizing a “engineering fit human development”. As part of a development project called ING-DH, the ENISE foundation, managed by the foundation for the University of Lyon, is intended to support the ENISE school on three points:

  • Access to innovation: model and structure the relationships with the economic world on the basis of innovation
  • Access to training: answer to different publics in an innovative and professional way and in support on partnerships with companies and territories awaiting skills
  • Access to wellness: assets its social responsibility by a significant contribution to the improvement of life quality of for the largest number

Currently, more than 4000 engineers and PHDs were trained at the ENISE school.