9 July 2018

Our consultant Marine tells us about her passion: the rollerderby

Marine is 28 years old and has been an Agapian since September 2016. She is currently working as a Security Consultant on the CEA Marcoule Center. Her role is to assist the Installation Manager in the monitoring of service providers (site monitoring, prevention plan, visits ...).
Today she tells us about her sport, the rollerderby and the last competition organized by her team, the Atomik Paulettes.

The rollerderby: a sport with a female majority

“I started the rollerderby in September 2017. It is a mostly female sport that is played on an oval track with two teams of 5 players in roller skates (called Roller Quad). In each team, the “jammeuse” (recognizable by the small star on her helmet) must score the points of her team by overtaking the players of the opposing team (the “blockers”). In addition to the 10 players on the track, there are 14 referees inside and outside the track to ensure that the blocking is legal (we only use our bodies to block us and punching is prohibited).

Example of distribution of the referees on the track (in black). The players are in red and blue.

A physical sport but above all very fun

“I like this sport because it allows me to let off steam and to overcome myself physically, while being super fun, because when we do rollerderby, we create a character. We choose a derbyname (mine is DestroyMum because I’m always in pain somewhere and I’m a mother) and a number (mine is 51 but it has nothing to do with pastis…). It also helps to better assume things.”

Back to the last tournament of June

“On Sunday, June 3, 2018, we organized a tournament with 4 teams of 12 players, 6 matches of 2×20 minutes. The teams were free in the set-up, allowing teams to be reinforced when they were missing players. One player even participated in all of the 6 games. The tournament was held in a great atmosphere, there were no big injuries and it allowed to discover the rollerderby in our region.

A next event?

“A new tournament will probably be planned next year, with a different format, since we plan to organize it on a Saturday so that we can do a gala match in the evening. This one would welcome a regional team and a team made up of the best players of the day.

The season is over for the Atomik Paulettes, now, time to outdoor training with endurance and sessions at the Skate Park. “

Congratulations to Marine and her team for this tournament!