21 June 2018

Tell me about art: discover the agap2 collection

Anne, reception assistant and cultural mediator at agap2 Paris come back to the guided tour organized last month in the Parisian offices.

agap2 offers a large collection of 68 contemporary works of art (click here to find out more), 40 of which are exhibited in the Boulogne-Billancourt offices. It’s a chance for employees to be able to work with these works every day! As cultural mediators at the reception desk of the company, we are committed to ensuring that everyone can really appropriate them rather than simply being used to them. But for that, it is necessary to make known the history of these paintings and sculptures which surround us!

Last May, the Museum Night was held throughout France, during which many cultural sites are accessible to the public free of charge. It is therefore, in connection with this national event and its openness to the public that we wanted to organize guided tours. Especially as new works were to discover! The collection continues to grow and last December, fourteen new paintings were added.

Fifteen minutes, three works: this new format seemed ideal to present each of these new pieces for a cultural break. But no lecture, with us, the visit is over questions that allow everyone to observe the works by itself and let the imagination run. And ideas haven’t been missed! It was three full and cheerful visits, which convinced us to












Visits will be back in September! And we already have participants … “

Here are the works presented:

François Boisrond, Untitled, 1986, Acrylic painting on canvas, 95 x 117 cm

Alëxone, Grrrr, 2017, Acrylic and mixed techniques on fabric, 168x129cm

Mr. Brainwash, Marilyn Monroe, 2017, Mixed Technique on paper, 96 x 96 cm