18 June 2018

Tell me about your career – Paddy

Paddy, new recruit with agap2 Paris tells all

I graduated from an engineering school in September 2017, and was initially contacted by agap2 in Strasbourg, near where I lived. But it wasn’t until February 2018, when a friend working for the agency in Paris told me about a project for an engineer in pyroshock testing, that I decided to join the agap2 teams. Having already been to interviews in Strasbourg, I was hired in less than a week. Fifteen days later I began my project with Dassault Aviation.

I was part of a small, dynamic and reactive team which already had two other consultants. To help deal with the lab’s numerous trials, I’ve been entrusted with the task of setting up, conducting and analysing trials on airplane rescue equipment. After a short adjustment period, I was put in charge of test campaigns, from planning to completion. As such, this first mission has proved a great opportunity thanks to agap2‘s reactivity and versatility.