28 May 2020

Observed during the lockdown #agap2stayhome

At agap2, during the lockdown, we observed mobilized agapians, unconfined agapians, agapians who stay at home and solidarity agapians. This is our agap2spirit!

Mobilized agapians

Meetings, appointments, interviews… all our habits have been turned upside down. But even confined, the teams were able to remain mobilized to ensure the continuity of activities:
– guarantee 100% response to our customers’ consultations
– set up daily reports to ensure the smooth continuity of ongoing projects
– organize regular visio with all teams to maintain the bond that unites us.
– Follow the economical and health impact in the company through the daily crisis management committee.

Unconfined agapians

Adapting to continue to support our customers: this is our added value. When telework could not be applied, some agapians continued their on-site activity and had to completely adapt their work methods and habits. Their flawless commitment to society and their implication made it possible to ensure the continuation of many projects.

agapians who stay at home

Many of you have made our various social networks live by agreeing to share a little of their daily life as confined agapians, their ideas and their advice to keep busy… Thank you for spreading positive messages throughout this period of confinement…

Solidarity agapians

Over the past few weeks, we have understood the importance of staying united. Helping and supporting others is more important than ever. Blood and platelets donations, food distribution…. During this confinement period, several agapians mobilized themselves to help others and act against COVID-19. Well done!