19 June 2018

Tell me about your job – Dawson, quality coordinator

Dawson tells us about his job.


What are your tasks?

The main mission of a quality coordinator is to further product quality control and related procedures. A quality coordinator’s tasks differ according to the sector in question.

This position therefore exists in several sectors, such as operational quality assurance, supplier quality assurance, system quality assurance, etc.

Whatever the sector, the quality coordinator makes sure through document review, defect control and change control that manufacturing operations comply with the defined procedures.

What attracted you to this job?

As an operational quality coordinator, I’m at the heart of production. This close proximity means I’m able to guarantee the quality of a product, and that sometimes involves numerous exchanges with the production department.

Before this I also worked as a supplier quality coordinator. This enabled me to exchange with suppliers, which sometimes means having to resort to strategies to get them to accept to meet customer requirements.