4 October 2016

Business Lunch at the Paris ESTP

A summit Business Lunch on the occasion of a conference specially organised by the ESTP (Public Works School) for agap2.


Discuss agap2 and its opportunities, around a well-deserved lunch cocktail, after the conference.

On this occasion, agap2 was presented by Laurent, our PBW-infrastructure sector manager, who illustrated his presentation with a few examples of our consultants’ careers and the agap2 spirit (dedication and passion). A successful presentation, in front of an amphitheatre of students, captivated by the dynamic attitude of our agap2 manager.





Most of the school’s students have been involved in major construction and development projects, which are sectors of French excellence and widely exported to other countries. Today, with its rich past, and moving forward into the future, the school has become the leader in the field of PBW and real estate jobs, its speciality field.

The ESTP Paris learning project has no equivalent in higher education. The objective of this major private school, to train civil engineering and building engineers, to design, build, develop and maintain our living environment, is a mission of national interest. A vocation that led the school to set up a real partnership with the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Arts et Métiers in 1999, based on the complementarity of their education offer.

The ESTP Paris has trained almost 45,000 engineers since it was formed in 1891