25 November 2016

Forum CATALYZ 2016, online recruitment platform

The CATALYZ forum is the first online recruitment platform for students of French engineering schools.

Recruitment 2.0

Organized by the students for the students, the forum is the first online recruitment platform for the engineering students. The association organized, on November 23rd and 24th, 2016, the 7th edition of its online Job forum. The purpose: to allow students and young graduates throughout France to get in touch with national-wide and international companies, simply with their smartphone or connected device.

2nd participation for agap2

For the second consecutive year, we answered present at the Forum Catalyz. This forum via online conversations allows another more informal and different approach with the candidates who dare to ask more questions and, are maybe less impressed than in a classic forum.

We envisage the forum as a kind of challenge, that to convey our human values via online conversations. We had the opportunity to realize two written conferences: one on the Business Manager job and the other one on consultant’s job. We have already received more than 150 CV following the forum and it is not finished!



In 2015, the platform had welcomed 8 500 visitors during 2 days