Charles De Gaulle Airport Express Project

Respond to the saturated transport situation to and from Charles de Gaulle Airport.


  • Respond to the saturated transport situation to and from Charles de Gaulle Airport.
  • Offer airline passengers a high level of service, comparable with other European capitals.



The project team (site owner, general and design prime contracting departments) is currently working with the EIC to determine the impact of the project on the operation of the RER B, and to define the functionalities that it is essential to maintain.
In fact, the initial project programme considered that the RER B Nord+ project already met the needs of the RER B concerning the CDG express. These elements therefore change certain zones considerably (RADA and the CDG station among others) and their feasibility, which was studied during the preliminary project, needs to be redemonstrated.
In addition to technical factors, these changes have a considerable impact on the scheduling.

Initially, the project difficulties are more related to political factors and to factors related to the insertion of the project in the present environment than to purely technical considerations.



The route is the direct link that will eventually connect the Gare de l’Est station to the Charles de Gaulle airport in 20 minutes, every 15 minutes.


Edouard, CDG Express Consultant

“Due to its complexity and its history, it is particularly interesting and motivating to work on the CDG Express project. Personally, I’ve learned a lot about railway systems, that I am discovering from the inside, and from all the authorities involved, who are passionately interested in the project.”