Aug 2020

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Industry projects

As part of the Army 2020 strategy, the SCORPION program aims to modernise the main equipment of land units in order to adapt to new tactical challenges.

At the heart of this new program, a single information system will be deployed: SICS. This command and control system 4.0 developed by Atos, will benefit from the best of the defence and IT world. Interview with Luc Ricca, Project Director at Atos.


What is the new Combat Information System SCORPION (SICS)? And when will it be deployed?

SICS is a unique command and information system that will equip new army platforms. It allows to digitally share all the tactical information available on the battlefield, and in particular the positions of the units thanks to the location of friends via “blue force tracking”. In short, communication will be faster between all levels of the chain of command. Several technical versions have been developed. The first deployable version is delivered and in the process of acceptance. She will be deployed to French land forces in 2021.

programme SCORPION information armée

What solution is the SICS based on?

SICS relies on Bull BMS. The Bull Battle Management System (BMS) is a complete solution which optimises the sharing in near real-time of land and air-land combat information, at the level of the whole battalion (in the command post, inside vehicles and by soldiers disembarked) and on all missions. A single system (which will replace the five terminal systems currently existing) within battalions for all levels of the chain of command and for all trades. This allows mission information to be shared effectively, even in degraded network conditions.

What were the army’s needs in terms of equipment modernisation?

The SCORPION project aims to modernise the combat capabilities of the French army around new equipment equipped with the SICS information system. This program will allow the army to maintain its operational superiority. Everyone can focus on their mission while benefiting from the power of digitisation. Thus, the system considerably accelerates decision-making and prioritises action. Sharing tactical information in reflex time gives the battalion a gain in terms of autonomy, responsiveness and protection.

programme SCORPION information armée

Why did you choose agap2 to support you on this project?

agap2 was able to meet our expectations by offering us a profile corresponding to the position, both on a technical level and on a human level (ability to integrate a team of twenty people). For Atos, the SICS program mobilises a team of 135 people spread over several sites (Aix-en-Provence, Six Fours, Les Clayes-sous-Bois).