the start of a people-focused adventure

In September 2005, 3 French directors set up agap2 in Lisbon, Portugal.


100+ agapians & a turnover of €3 M

agap2 sets up its headquarters in Paris.


250+ agapians & a turnover of €8 M

The first Last Thursday is held: the most important agapian event traditionally takes place on the last Thursday of the month.


450+ agapians & a turnover of €19 M

agapnews is created: previously called Orange & Blue, agapnews is the internal magazine for agapians.


580+ agapians & a turnover of €27 M

agap2 is established in Switzerland.


740+ agapians & a turnover of €39 M

2010 marks the fifth anniversary of agap2.


1,000+ agapians & a turnover of €58 M

agap2 is ISO 9001 certified and signs the Diversity Charter. agap2 is established in Germany.


1,300+ agapians & a turnover of €83 M

agap2 is CEFRI (French Committee for training and monitoring personnel working under exposure to ionizing radiation) certified and is established in Belgium.


1,500+ agapians & a turnover of €102 M

agap2 is established in the Netherlands.


2,000+ agapians & a turnover of €130 M

agap2 is MASE certified.


2,500+ agapians & a turnover of €180 M

agap2 celebrates its 10th birthday.


3,200+ agapians & a turnover of €237 M

agap2 joins the United Nations Global Compact.


4,000+ agapians & a turnover of €303 M

agap2 is established in Sweden.


5,000+ agapians & a turnover of €354 M

agap2 is established in Italy.


5,600+ agapians & a turnover of €402 M

agap2 launches Tous agap2: an internal mobile application that allows agapians to share and discuss.


5300+ agapians & a turnover of €375 M

agap2 launches agap2act and agap2dream : solidarity programs.


6500+ agapians & a turnover of €450 M

agap2 is Gold with ecovadis certification

Our mission


To meet the challenges of the future

We think engineering occupations have a vital role to play in leading the projects that will shape our future. We are convinced that a more people-focused, optimistic and responsible future is possible and are committed to helping build it.

Since the very beginning, we have offered our expertise to our partners in all major sectors of industry and IT. Our engineers work with companies which are leading visionary projects for the benefit of all. The objective of our work is to solve our clients’ problems in the fairest and most appropriate way possible.



Agencies throughout Europe and projects throughout the world

agapians in the world
agencies throughout Europe

Our offer

4 types of services
A customised solution for each project

Our working methods are developed to be adaptable to our clients’ requirements and thus provide services at various levels of commitment :

  • A methods-focused commitment: ensures great flexibility and a high degree of reactivity. It is intended mainly for projects with no specifications and a regularly evolving scope.
  • A results-focused commitment: adapted to services where clients want agap2 to commit to achieving set objectives.


Our greatest assets


Technical Management and Professional Specialists
Following up ideas!

Technical Management at agap2 includes 48 people recruited to guarantee the quality of our services and the success of your projects. Our 42 specialists are experts in their profession and activity sector and can work to support our consultants whenever necessary.

Our back-office consists of a team of 6 people, based in Paris and Lyon, who work to implement and monitor complex services and/or achieve results. Thanks to them, we can make the most of 10 years of feedback on all our projects!



Our CSR policy

CSR at agap2

Our commitments

Our commitments

  • Global Compact:
    supporter of the worldwide United Nations pact
  • Diversity Charter:
    for our initiatives promoting diversity
  • Ecovadis:
    achievement of “silver” status for our CSR programme


Our certifications

  • ISO 9001 : for our quality management system
  • MASE : for health, safety and the environment
  • CEFRI : for our radiation protection management system