9 August 2017


Confidence and attentiveness

My name is Pauline and I joined agap2Ferro in April 2016. I am currently working at the Regional Engineering Department of Tours which is part of SNCF Réseau where I manage third-party business. More precisely, I organize, secure and establish recommendations for all types of public or private companies located near railway installations. These works can be, for instance, tracks crossings, aerial crossings, for which I manage the business between the various stakeholders, or even construction work. I also deal with the dilapidated railway stock that needs to be sold. In the context of these real estate sales, I am responsible for estimating the costs of release and making recommendations works.

agap2 has accepted to trust me, to believe in my potential and my ability to adapt. I also have the chance to have a very attentive and available manager when needed.