Oct 2020

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Develop your skills with agap2learn

Because the updating and development of your skills are at the heart of our concerns, we would like to support you in your training by providing you with an innovative and flexible tool: agap2learn. You will now be able to train yourself, in complete autonomy, thanks to unlimited access to a selection of the best online training content. You will be able to acquire new skills and thus confidently tackle new responsibilities or start a new project.


A catalogue of contents to train you

agap2learn is above all a compilation of quality content selected by experts.

Personal development, professional software, business training… the platform is aimed at all employees, regardless of their core business.  Several supports are available: Moocs (certification training), articles, videos, accessible podcasts… Experts are also at your disposal to answer your questions in real time!Do you want to progress, improve or develop professionally? Then visit agap2learn.fr from 30 January 2020!