Aug 2019

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“My project is called EOS Project. It consists in making the Seven Summits, i.e. climbing the highest peaks of each continent in order to promote a Crowdfunding project for a humanitarian association in Colombia. In particular, I have engineering students working in design offices to solve problems in Colombia, the country where I was born.

I started this month with Elbrus, the highest summit in Russia. The particularity of my project is that it will be done without a plane. The idea is to lead a real expedition in alpine style. To carry my own things. It’s a real challenge for me because I’ve only been climbing for two years. To physically prepare myself, every Friday evening, I pack my bag and go to the Alps for the weekend to go mountaineering, climbing or ski mountaineering. It is thanks to all these weekends between 3000 m and more than 4000 m that I am acclimatising to consider this challenge in Russia.

Since I arrived at agap2, I have been made to feel supported. There is a sense of community in the company. That’s why I thought about asking agap2 to support me in this project. Starting a project is always very scary. But don’t hesitate to talk to friends, colleagues, family … and try to make your dream come true.”