Jul 2020

In a few years, part of the gas that feeds our boilers will come from our peelings and other plate waste. This is the whole project of the Valorisation of Household Waste (CVOMR) under construction in Calais on which Marc, 58, brings his 40 years of industrial experience.

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Industry projects

A Concrete Response to Environmental Challenges

The energy transition law for green growth, adopted by parliament in July 2015, requires a 50% reduction by 2025 in landfill waste. We know about recycling glass, cardboard packaging and certain plastics. But as for household waste, it is intended for landfill or burnt for barely a few litres of hot water. Supported by the Sevadec (Calaisis Waste Disposal and Recovery Union), the recovery centre for residual household waste will mechanically sort this waste which until then could not be recycled and produce energy thanks to an innovative tri-mechanisation process. As a result, the reduction of landfill and greenhouse gas emissions.

marc consultant, cvomr

Recovery of household waste in the form of biomethane.

The future rests on preserving the environment. And waste management is an essential step. Cabinet Merlin is mandated by the MOE to support the construction of the CVOMR. In order to optimise waste management, it is necessary to separate the products that are transformable from inert waste (which does not decompose, does not burn) for reinjection into various consumer circuits. The sorting chain has been reinvented and is more incisive in producing derivatives such as town gas or solid fuels for factories. Household waste is recovered in the form of biomethane injected into the Calais network. Le Monde now produces waste exponentially for consumption. But tomorrow, we hope that the consumer/waste balance is in balance.

cvomr usine ordures ménagères

40 Years of Experience Serving the Environment

On this construction project, there are 3 main trades: Concrete (Industrial buildings and public works), EIA, and mechanics for which I am the assembly and construction manager. My role is to control and qualify the material, construction and assembly requirements. In addition to my knowledge, I have the support of project engineering and MOEA. I participate in reaching the construction quality milestones and preparing the start of the CVOMR. I put my 40 years of industrial experience in various sectors of activity at the service of this project.

Absolutely everything is interesting about this project. I like checking a µ setting on a 22-t machine as much as validating a kinematic sequencing of the sorting chain with the EIA engineer. But also, to tell me that I am helping to protect the environment. And I hope to end my career with a new challenge like this one developed for export.


Marc, Polytechnic Consultant Engineer

cvomr Centre de Valorisation des Ordures Ménagères Résiduelles