Jan 2020

Elena, a Business Engineer in Strasbourg, set herself the challenge of completing the 4L Trophy 2020.

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Three countries crossed, twelve days of immersion to discover Morocco, orienteering tests at the foot of the Sahara dunes and a 48-hour marathon stage on their own before returning to Marrakech. This is what Elena, a business engineer in Strasbourg, who freed the adventurer who was sleeping inside her to embark on the adventure 4L Trophy 2020 last March: “I have been marked at every stage of the adventure. From looking for the car to our return from Morocco in 4L … and in 30 hours! The preparation of the car was the most interesting passage technically. We were going from far away with Ginette, our 4L bought from a farmer near us. She had not been driving for over a year. But we are immensely proud of the result and of our Ginette which was fantastic during the 7000 km covered! Some technical problems at the start of the raid, but we stopped every 100 km to check if everything was going well under the hood.


The Moroccan landscapes are just incredible! The mountains, the Atlas, the dunes, the desert … there is so much to see; I really took my eyes off it. The 4L Trophy showed me the strength of a spirit of solidarity. We were all together to meet the populations who eagerly awaited the school supplies given by the participants during the raid.


The 4L Trophy experience is also a lot of personal investment. It took us almost one year to properly prepare for the adventure. Sometimes difficult moments, during which we can lose hope, have the impression that the car will never be ready on time… You should know that two weeks before leaving, Ginette still had not the engine reinstalled! The lesson to remember is that you should never give up. We have to go to the end of things, even if doubt can sometimes reach us.