Business Manager


Business Manager

Being a genuine entrepreneur


Just like an entrepreneur, I’ve been developing my activities and teams agap2 for almost three years now. There was no need to spend a long time thinking about it before throwing myself into this mad adventure! It was love at first sight with agap2. As well as being very wide-ranging, the work of a Business Manager provides many opportunities that are not on offer every day. Pour réussir il faut foncer, persévérer, avoir la positive-attitude… si vous vous reconnaissez là-dedans, le métier est fait pour vous 😉.

Current role: Life Sciences department manager
Training: : MBA at the ISEG school of management
MBA in international management at St John’s University
Age: 29 years
Arrival at agap2: January 2018


agap2 career

Life Sciences Junior Business Manager

1 year


Life Sciences Senior Business Manager

Duration: 8 months
Team: 16 employees


Life Sciences department manager

Duration: 13 months
Team: 20 employees