Apr 2020

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Industry projects

Begun in 2016, the expansion and modernization of the Roland Garros stadium will enable the site to accommodate up to 45,000 spectators per day and offer better reception conditions for players and spectators. Steve, a young graduate of Polytech Orléans and a big tennis fan, had the chance to work as a TCE Works Manager on this pharaonic 350M€ project.

A project in 5 phases over several years

I had the opportunity to intervene on different phases of this modernization project, which began three years ago. I first worked in 2018 on monitoring the lifting of reserves and GPA (guarantee of perfect completion) of the works on one of the most prestigious buildings that houses the village dedicated to VIPs and players.

Since July 2019, I have been working on the fourth phase of the project: the Philippe-Chartier central court, the largest in the Roland-Garros stadium. With a capacity of 15,000 seats, the Court Philippe-Chartier is at the heart of the modernization project and its main innovation will be the implementation of a mobile coverage capable of being deployed in 10 minutes. This fourth and penultimate phase also includes work in all the rooms of the stadium: kitchens, offices, restaurants, changing rooms, toilets and the presidential stand.

roland garros projet TCE

TCE works in noble areas

The job of TCE site manager consists in managing the responsibility of one or more construction sites, from all points of view (financial, technical or human). On this site, I am in charge of the work on the main kitchen of the stadium. I also accompany a team of drivers in the supervision of the work of the restaurant for the general public, which is part of the noble areas. I manage about ten subcontractors in these areas. I also ensure the follow-up and synthesis of the work between the technical and architectural trades based on the synthesis plans that have constantly evolved with the reality on the ground.

An opportunity as a young engineer

As a young graduate, I learned a lot on this project which proved to be a real opportunity for my career. In the kitchens, there are many techniques and prerequisites in the sequence of tasks that required me to be well organized and to anticipate potential blocking points.

roland garros projet TCE