Our internal application

tous agap2

For agapians to stay connected
to each other!

With our teams spread over various sites, maintaining links and staying close to them is vital. In 2019, we launched Tous agap2, an internal app designed and created for our employees! It provides them with regular information (on forthcoming events, news, opportunities, etc.), collects their opinions and wishes, shares information, ensures easier co-opting, allows communication by WhatsApp, etc.

And even if you have an old Nokia 3310 (keep it, it might be valuable in 10 years’ time), Tous agap2 is also accessible via a web platform. 😉


of agapians already use the app!

All players

All players

Accumulate points and
win gifts

Because our employees’ activities allow the company to grow (sharing, co-opting, feedback, etc.), they deserve to be showcased! For each activity, they collect points on the app. Each quarter, the 5 ambassadors who have collected the most points win gifts such as a journey to Lapland, a drone, an electric scooter or one of many other prizes on offer. The counters are then put back to zero to start a new ranking… and reward new winners!