Sep 2020

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IT projects

A graduate since 2016, Donovan joined agap2 IT at the end of his Master’s degree in Imaging and Virtual Reality (EFREI). In collaboration with a team of developer and UX/UI consultants, he is currently working on the complete development of the Android CoachMe application! A high-potential application that aims to be used by the entire Thales group worldwide.

Up to 80,000 potential users

The Innov’Lab is a structure that was created by Thales to propose modernisation and innovation initiatives within the company. One of Innov’Lab’s flagship projects is the development of an application for sharing knowledge and skills among employees, in the form of a Thales’ own community hub: CoachMe!

The purpose of the application is to offer Thales employees a social platform dedicated to the capture and search of professional and personal skills, and to allow meetings in the form of “coaching” between coaches, by making appointments through the application. The latter is intended to be used by the entire Thales group, i.e. up to 80,000 users worldwide.

A first decisive version

Before evolving, the application must be proven in the form of a “Proof of Concept” and must also measure the  effectiveness of the cloud technologies used for CoachMe! for possible use in other projects. CoachMe! has already been presented to various entities and departments of the group, which see it as a potential tool that must evolve. The quality of this first application is therefore decisive.


Development from A to Z

I work with Thales as a full-stack developer of the application and supervisor of mobile development on the Android platform. I work as much on the Android front-end application part as on the implementation of the back-end application, proposing various technical modifications to improve the application initially designed.

CoachMe!, in addition to being a social application and digitalisation of training processes between collaborators, has the interest to diversify the different services to be offered, for example with the creation of a community management system, or a chat service between users. Developing effective solutions on such a large-scale application is a challenge, and that is what personally motivates me in this project!


Donovan, Full Stack Mobile Developer