Intellectual mobility

Intellectual mobility
Open yourself up to new possibilities

Whether you are a young graduate or have some experience, being a consultant at agap2 will give you the means of exploring all activity sectors. Perfect for discovering new occupations and building and developing your career.


projects carried out
each year by our agapians


Exciting projects
A new challenge every day

Engineering has a vital role to play in building the world of the future. In order to rise to this challenge, we have a presence in all the main activity sectors with more than 500 clients, from large accounts to small businesses. Enough to offer you varied and innovative projects to match your professional plans.


18 months

It’s the average duration
of an agap2 project 




Advance with support

Our teams guarantee that your project will develop successfully and further your career development. You will be in constant contact with your Manager through project progress reports, events and regular team lunches. And with our internal Tous agap2 app, you can share, discuss and stay up-to-date with company life everywhere and at all times.



It’s the average number of consultants in our Managers’ teams,
guaranteeing responsiveness and availability.





Opportunities in France and internationally
Your future will know no limits

Do you want to ensure that your career develops? There are many opportunities open to you. As projects progress, agap2 will enable you to access positions of responsibility, work internationally and also acquire new skills through training courses. Our HR team, and also our agap2learn platform, will be there at all times to help you develop your skills.



of our teams are recruited
on permanent contracts




Personalised training
with agap2learn

agap2 has launched its own online training platform, agap2learn, which is permanently available to all employees. So we can all become players in our own professional development, by taking training courses on various themes: personal development, software, management, languages, etc.

This innovative, flexible tool enables us to meet the training needs of employees, in particular during periods between projects which can thus be used profitably to enhance skills in key areas. We also meet the specific requests of employees by making personalised content available to them.


people trained
in 6 months