Our company’s vision for
tomorrow’s world

We are convinced that a more human, optimistic and responsible future is possible and are committed to making a contribution to building it, with you. Our CSR commitment is increasingly important to our company strategy. Each year, we strengthen our CSR activities!



Well-being in the workplace

agap2 wants to be a personal development link where employees can go further in their careers through training, development and taking on responsibility.

Long live equality and diversity!

There is a place and opportunities for everyone at agap2, regardless of age, origins, handicap or gender.Just look at the diversity of our employees! In particular, we have standardised our recruitment process in order to satisfy this objective.

Developing your skills

agap2 provides regular, personalised monitoring for all its employees in order to become familiar with their expectations and career development aspirations. A training plan is put in place by a dedicated team to offer personalised, certified training courses. In 2020, we even launched our own online training platform, which we named “agap2learn”.

Guaranteeing your health and safety

Using prevention and training plans and also by setting up a dedicated “quality, hygiene, safety and environment” team, we support our employees on a daily basis in matters of health and safety at work. And it works!


Making a commitment

Making a commitment

Making a commitment
for the future

We want to participate in building a world that is more human and more responsible. How? By supporting the processes that are important to us and are consistent with our values !

Acting with agap2act

In 2020, we launched agap2act, a humanitarian movement to support the causes we care about: education and handicap, health and the environment. Each time a new project is launched by our consultants, we fund organisations working in the field. As it is the trust placed in us by our clients that makes our actions possible, our clients choose the organisation they wish to support from our three partners: Handicap International, the League against Cancer, and the Nicolas Hulot Foundation for Nature and Mankind.

Encouraging local initiatives

Improving well-being in the workplace, mobilising consultants who are between contracts, sorting waste and providing lasting mobility solutions, etc. Some excellent initiatives, led by our employees, are taking shape in our agencies. At agap2, we are proud and happy to support them!

Ethical business practice

Respect, integrity, the quality of service provided and team spirit are all principles that are dear to us. Our employers, suppliers, sub-contractors, etc., are all committed to complying rigorously with all the legal provisions related to their activities and professional environment.



Protecting the environment

At agap2, we have our feet on the ground and a detailed environmental policy in our Environment Charter. And to implement our actions, we can count on a network of very resourceful local representatives and employees!

Improving our waste management

100% of our office waste is recycled in partnership with Elise, a company employing people with disabilities. We also have other specific contracts for processing particular types of waste. Our IT equipment is reused and given a new life by the company Recyclea. We are thus improving our environmental performance year by year!

No more disposable cups

Gone ! Disposable cups have now disappeared from our agencies. They have been removed and replaced by glasses and mugs for employees and visitors in our reception areas.

Let us transport you…

agap2 reimburses its employees’ public transport passes 100% in order to encourage journeys with a low environmental impact.