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Working towards the energy sources of the future

How do we meet the increasing need for energy, while combating global warming ? This equation compels every country in the world to opt for energy combinations containing fewer fossil fuels and more effective renewable energies. Our challenge: to provide a new offer by working on energy efficiency.


Areas of expertise

  • Research & Development : Research, Basic Engineering, Detail Engineering, Writing technical specifications & data sheets, Impact and risk research, Writing reports and summaries
  • Project management : Administration & Project Management, Project Supervision, Planning & Cost Control, QHSE Management, Contract & Claim Management, Document Control
  • Supply Chain Management : Project & Segment Procurement, Logistics & Transport, Expediting & Supplier reminders, Technical inspection of equipment
  • Works & Commissioning : Supervision/On-site installation, Prevention, organisation and control, Commissioning, start-up, Equipment tests and validation

Project 1

Air Liquide
Work on the ITER project: energy for the future

Context : Nicolas is a Quality Coordinator and worked for Air Liquide on the ITER project: developing an almost inexhaustible source of safe energy with a low environmental impact. His work involves checking the compliance of equipment, documents and logistics. The aim of this project is to replace nuclear power stations by 2050.

agap2 expertise : As a Quality Coordinator, Nicolas works with almost all players in the Cryolines project at Air Liquide.


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