Business Manager


Business Manager

Becoming an Operational Director and managing several agencies


Coaching and passing on skills are a part of the rich scope of the job. The ambition of all Business Managers is to see their teams develop and grow. On arriving at agap2, I created my activities starting from a blank page. 9 years later, and thanks to the trust shown by the group, I have been managing the Paris agap2 agency, the company’s largest, for 3 years as well as the Bordeaux and Lille agencies which I helped set up.

Position title : Operational Director agap2 Ile-de-France
Training : ENSIACET (Graduate School of Chemical, Materials, and Industrial Engineering) Engineering 2011
Age : 32 years
Seniority :  9  years
Agencies : Paris – Bordeaux – Lille


agap2 career

Business Manager

Duration : 1.5 years


Department manager

Duration : 2.5 years
Team : 20 employees


Development Unit manager

Duration : 1.5 years
Team : 37 employees


Business Unit manager

Duration : 6 months
Team : 65 employees


Operations Manager Ile de France

Duration : 1.5 years
Team : 300 employees


Operations Director Ile de France

Duration : since 2019
Team : 650 employees