Business Manager


Business Manager

Opening an international agency


I began my career at the Grenoble agency, surrounded by a handful of colleagues who were committed, ambitious and fun. It was the perfect environment for honing my skills, and then one day I was asked to help develop the company in a brand-new country: Sweden. I said “OK, you’re on!” For me it was the perfect moment to fulfil my dream of gaining international experience.

Current role : Operating Manager in Sweden
Training : MSc Business Engineering Kedge Business School MBA in international management at St John’s University
Age : 27 years
Arrival at agap2 : 2015
Agency : Stockholm


agap2 career

Business Manager

Duration : 1 year
Team : 19 employees


Department manager

Duration : 1.5 years
Team : 38 employees


Operating Manager agap2 Stockholm

Duration :  since 2018
Team : 25 employees