Sep 2020

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Industry projects

Qatar, Russia, Bahrain, Romania, Egypt... Andrei, agapien for a year, ensures the installation and commissioning of liquid gas turbines on behalf of CRYOSTAR, specialist in the design and manufacture of cryogenic equipment for more than 40 years. He operates in the four corners of the world, on the largest industrial gas installations.

Contribution around the world

Cryostar is known for its production and supply technologies for cryogenic expansion turbines, cryogenic pumps and bottle filling stations throughout the industrial supply chain. The components of air, more generally referred to as industrial or atmospheric gases, are argon, carbon dioxide, helium, nitrogen and oxygen. Cryostar manufactures the turbines used to cool these compressed gases and to liquefy them.

From commissioning to maintenance

For a year now, I have been involved as Commissioning Engineer for Industrial Gas Installations. I do commissioning work on the turbines; ensures inspection and control in respect of costs, deadlines, internal procedures, quality and safety standards. I also perform a maintenance role by researching the possible origins and causes of breakdowns to solve them. Obtaining customer satisfaction is essential, we must preserve the integrity of the equipment or facilities in all circumstances. For this purpose, I functionally manage a team of technicians on customer sites.

andrei chantier de production

The largest industrial gas installations in the world

I had the opportunity to work on the largest gas processing and production plants. They provide essential links in the natural gas supply chain around the world: Power of Siberia (Russia), Nord Stream (Russia), Bahrain LNG (Bahrain) and Petrom OMV (Romania). In the coming weeks, I will be working on the Amur gas treatment plant, located near the town of Svobodny..

I have a very versatile job that leads me to touch all the technical trades, engineering and management. I have to work a lot abroad, to speak English and Russian. Relationships with the customer or subcontractors are then easier. It is a very rewarding job, in which we see the outcome of the whole project.


Andrei, Commissioning Engineer for Industrial Gas Installations